Premium Japanese knives

Premium Japanese knives

Cut and dice meat with ease, and effortlessly slice through the toughest vegetables. Meal prep just got a lot faster and more efficient with a

Yokashi Japanese knife.


•    Super sharp

•    Resistant to wear and corrosion

•    Thin and lightweight

•    Comfortable to work with

•    More precise control

•    Unparalleled in quality

•    Meals that look and taste great


Japanese knives are the powerhouses of home and restaurant kitchens worldwide.


Sixty-seven layers of the hardest steel are fused together and hammered into a beautiful Damascus pattern, inspired by Samurai swords, to create the VG10 blade. VG10 is known as the “gold standard” for stainless steel.


Amaze and delight the home chef in your life with a knife that’s a cut above the rest. Japanese knives make amazing gifts, especially for Father’s Day.


For more information, contact Yokashi. We’re a Canadian company that’s proud to help chefs take their work to the next level.