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Trusted Brand

Yokashi is a reliable brand known for producing high-quality knife sets to make the chopping process easier and faster for home cooks and professional chefs. We have perfected the art of knives and are widely known as the makers of the best quality Japanese and western style knife sets. At Yokashi, you will only find knife sets made with the finest materials at reasonable prices!

Well Built & Comfortable

Yokashi understands that when it comes to knife manufacturing, beautiful design and comfort go hand in hand. Therefore, the classic series knife have an ergonomic handle to help you have a comfortable and secure grip while chopping and slicing foods.

Versatile Usage

Yokashi’s Black Seies Titanium Nitride coated chef knife can serve many purposes in the kitchen. With its superior razor-sharp blade, you can chop and slice various foods with the precision you want. Whether you want to cut the toughest meat, chop the hardest vegetables, or slice the softest fruits, you can do it all with this premium westen style knife. A perfect kitchen tool for home cooks and professional chefs.

Vacuum Heat Treated Steel

Yokashi knives are vacuum heat treated to ensure extra strength and durability. A perfect addition to your kitchen tools!

Full-Tang design

Full-tang design of Black Series and Classis Series chef knives makes the knife more balanced and much easier to handle for extended periods of time. An unbalance knife can lead to wrist fatigue, our full tang chef knife has a balanced handle, therefore you don't have to exert as much force to cut through denser food.

A gift to Impress chefs

Our versatile Damascus steel knives can be a perfect housewarming party gift for your loved ones. They will be impressed with the stunning Damascus blade of the Okami knife, 67 layers Damacsus pattern of the Classic and Dragon series knives or the ultra modern black series and Excalibur knives!

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